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Low power LoRa Data Logger

Highly configurable, LoRa data logger for pulse and analog reading

Features a relay controller that allows automation of external devices like water pumps or valves and it is extensible with even more devices to monitor and measure anything you need: temperature, pressure, water flow, electricity.


Low power

Just 6uA in sleeping mode! Able to work long years on batteries!


CE certified – comply with European Safety, LVD, and EMC directives!


Multichannel Low Power data logger with 2 pulse, 2 analog, and 2 alarm/command ports

Configurable over the air

Supports remote configuration over the AiR through the ThingsLog platform!


Well-documented product used by many utilities and enterprises!

Global Mobile offering

Comes with 2G/GSM/GPRS global roaming SIM cards, 4G available upon request

Well protected

Has IP68 level of protection


Stick to your current firmware or upgrade to a newer more capable version.

Low power alarms

ThingsLog GPRS data loggers have built-in AI&ML capabilities and provide low-power instant alarms in case of abnormal consumption, leak, theft, or high/low analog sensor value.

Delivery model to have in mind:

We work “order to configure”, which means that we customize our loggers to your use case. This makes our delivery time 30 working days for 100+ devices and 10 working days for a sample delivery.