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April 2021

ThingsLog mobile app

ThingsLog multilanguadge mobile app has been released

ThingsLog mobile app has been released in 6 different languages – English, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, German and Spanish

January 2021

ThingsLog commercial metering and monitoring

ThingsLog won a major deal for remote metering of commercial buildings

As part of INTEREG project two  water utility operators will get more than 200 ThingsLog low power consumption monitoring data loggers. The purpose of the devices is to help to the utility to monitor w municipality buildings and large enterprice customers.    

November 2020

ThingsLog Telenor smart monitoring

ThingsLog has signed frame agreement with Telenor

First major telecom deal win. We have signed a frame agreement with Telenor. As part of it Telenor will offer ThingsLog monitoring solution as part of Telenor smart monitoring service offering.  

October 2020

ThingsLog temperature-monitoring

ThingsLog low power temperature monitoring has been released

Low power independent temperature monitoring and control with telemetry and remote alarming? If you need now you can get it.

September 2020

ThingsLog DMA Zone monitoring

DMA/PMA monitoring has been released

Water utilities need a system to calculate their non revenue and revenue waters. So we have released a combined low power flow and pressure monitoring solution with NB-IoT. ThingsLog DMA/PMA zone monitoring solution is able to detect non-revenue water leaks, legitime water consumption and calculate automaticaly the water ballance of..Read More

May 2020

ThingsLog dam monitoring

First dam monitoring customers

ThingsLog level monitoring solution has been applied for a first time on a dam as a level monitoring and early warning system.

May 2020

ThingsLog level monitoring solution has been released

Monitoring of level in tanks reservoirs and dams has been always a challening task. Most of the solutions for that are quite expensive and not so accesible for small farmers, facility managers or utility operators. Having that in mind we have released ThingsLog low power level monitoring solution with external..Read More

March 2020

ThingsLog remote vaccine refrigerator monitoring

Corona can’t stop us

Corona virus (COVID 19) is roaming accross the globe. Still there is no vaccine but is clear that one day when there is it has to be transported in propper way. Thus we have released our vaccine container monitoring solution based on a low power data logger, portable vaccine container..Read More

February 2020

ThingsLog Pressure monitoring has been released

In early 2020 we have extended our core data logger portfolio by adding ThingsLog low power pressure monitoring solution over LoRa, NB-IoT and 2/3/4G.  

December 2019

IoT in shopsko

ThingsLog for small and medium utility operators

There are many small utilities accross the globe. Most of them emerged from the cooperatives and deliver either water or energy to a couple of villages or a small town. Small utilities are our best and most vallued customers.  We help them in management and monitoring of their distribution networks...Read More

January 2019

CE conformity

CE conformity

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The conformity of our first data logger series has been successfully verified and the following loggers has been certified and ready for production: LPMDL-1101 –..Read More

November 2018

Participation in European Utility Week as a startup.

Participation in European Utility Week as a startup.

October 2018

Low power data loggers

LVD & EMC passed

Our loggers has successfully passed LVD & EMC lab tests. CE is just around the corner.

September 2018

First Deals

First Deals

First Clients: Sofiiska Voda, Diamatix, Europack.

April 2018

Thingslog vertical logo

Intellectual Property Rights

Utility model – (April 2018) Trade-mark-ThingsLog (14/08/2018)

June 2017



Trials and testing started: Sofiyska Voda, Gas-energy company of Elin Pelin, Hotel Djordano, One of the Largest Bread Manufacturers in Bulgaria, Testing and certification, LVD lab testing (passed!), EMS lab testing (on going), CE certification

May 2017

First Pre-production Series

First Pre-production Series

First Pre-production Series were released ready to be tested in real environment!

April 2017

Hardware & Firmware Designs Ready

Hardware & Firmware Designs Ready

Software system architecture, hardware for monitoring gas, water and electricity were created.

March 2017

First Prototype

First Prototype

Founders of ThingsLog are PhD in Telecommunications, PhD in Physics & PhD in Computer Science. Next the first device prototype was born.

January 2017

The Idea was Born

The Idea was Born

The idea for a way to monitor water, gas and electricity consumption was born due to the high bills for electricity some people received in Bulgaria in 2017. 

Vision & Strategy

Our Values

Business conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.

Long-term commitment to our customers.

Guaranteed safe deliveries through cost-efficient logistics.

Environmentally friendly approach.

High-quality products.

Close relationship to the universities.

Investment in Laboratory research and R&D.

Constant innovation of the production processes.

Continuous improvement of quality management and control.


Measuring financial and productivity results.

Innovation of the production process.

Environmental policy for green office.