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Remote Energy Monitoring

Remote Smart Metering and Monitoring of energy consumption

ThingsLog power metering and monitoring solution allows facility and hotel managers, retailers and production managers to monitor their electricity consumption remotely in a smart and efficient way. The platform collects the data and notifies you for unusual events. Though our monitoring service, we analyze your consumption and suggest optimization options. 

Features of energy monitoring

Key benefits Energy Monitoring

ThingsLog Energy Monitoring Use Cases​

One of the main benefits of energy consumption monitoring is successful curbing of excessive energy costs. Often people don’t realize how much energy they are using and end up paying more than they need to. Energy consumption monitoring brings awareness about your energy usage patterns and introduces optimizations. You may be able to achieve considerable savings on your energy bill by making small adjustments, such as turning all the lights off in your premises outside of working hours or setting the thermostats a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter or making sure you haven’t left large number of demo electronics working in your retail area. 

ThingsLog’s smart energy monitoring is a solution that enables you to keep track of your electricity consumption. With our remote energy monitoring capabilities, you can see exactly how much power your facility is using, close to real-time, and take action to reduce consumption if necessary. 

The solution implements both on existing infrastructure of energy meters that supports pulse output or can come directly with new generation smart meters. On top of that come ThingsLog proprietary data loggers that can work  with 2G/4G, NB IoT and LoRa Wan network. Once the data is collected it is transferred to our cloud platform and it is available through a mobile app. The platform has a rich notification functionality and alarms and allows various analyses based on current and historic data. 

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