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Tank Level Monitoring

IoT tank level monitoring - low power solution

Get the data from a smart device or retrofit your old meter, analyze your consumption, monitor graphs and find unusual events, get monthly cost allocation and see it all on a mobile app.

Features of level monitoring

Key benefits Level Monitoring

ThingsLog Level Monitoring Use Cases​

Depending on the customer need, different sensors can be used for best realization. The solution can be fitted with submersible sensor, ultrasonic sensor, radar sensor depending of what needs to be monitored. 

Most level monitoring installations are low power because they are typically in remote places with no electricity. When in low power mode (battery powered), the data logger wakes up on configurable interval of time, provides power supply to the sensor, reads the measurement and records the reading in memory. Then on configurable
transmission interval logger wakes and transmits the recorded readings to the ThingsLog platform. If the reading value leaves a pre-established range of low/high level thresholds the logger wakes up and transmits an instant alarm. Alarms are forwarded to the subscribed users through an email, mobile notification or an API message.

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