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Remote Metering and Monitoring of meters and sensors

Remote metering and monitoring of sensors and meters as a service

ThingsLog offers a AMR platform for remote water meter reading and monitoring.

The platform supports many popular smart water meter brands, data loggers, smart sensors and actuators.


ThingsLog offers а Remote Metering and Monitoring as a Service platform (RMMAAS) that connects to a great variety of  meters and sensors. The  is suitable to meter, monitor and manage water, heat, gas, and power meters, analog sensors and ON/OFF actuators. Key features of the platform are:

How does it work?

Meters, sensors and data loggers send data over LoRa, NB-IoT, GSM, Wifi, Thread/BLE to the platform. 

The platform receives data and controls the way the devices work and transmit. 

Once the data is received it is analyzed and stored in the platform data database. If the platform determines that there is a notification in the data it will be forwarded to the user over email or mobile notification to the mobile app. If there is a 3rd party platform integration the data will be sent also to the 3rd party system. 

ThingsLog platform how it works

ThingsLog platform core components are:

Deployment options

There are several deployment/delivery models.

Licenses and sybscriptions

The platform is licensed on subscription packages based on readings per year received by the loggers associated with a customer profile. The customer buys different packages based on the number of loggers and the number of readings generated by them on yearly basis.

On-prem and PAAS deployment options are associated also to separate license and professional service costs.

Our partners and larger customers typically buy larger subscription packages and resell them to their own customers.

mobile app

ThingsLog mobile app now available